Paint by Prims

Inspired by iam8bit's "Paint by Pixels" live crowdsourced artpiece at GDC 2011, this SL-RL Primtings exhibit lets anyone, anywhere in the world collaborate to paint prims on a grid-based blank canvas. Uniting the visitors of Primtings Museum, past and present, when completed, "Paint by Prims" would have raised enough funds to meet pCampaign's 2011 Part I goal.

Drop by the North Entrance of Primtings Museum to claim your prim and paint it! Each donation is instantly recorded to the pCampaign subsite.

Launched March 13 by Ina Centaur via Primtings Skytower on behalf of pCampaign - the Campaign for Primtings Museum. Stats for this latest primting so far: The visual result is below (tiny, medium, large, humungo):

Color Regimes:

With contributions by: